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This blog is for the more personal, spiritual side of me. I truly believe that spirituality is extremely important. I spent many many years searching my soul, trying to discern exactly what and how I felt.
I was raised Catholic. I have always had issues with that religion. So many *do as I say, not as I do* statements. So many unanswered questions. So many hypocrisies.
At age 15, I decided no more, that was not the religion for me. I went on my own journey and found solace within myself and within Mother Nature.

Yes, I am Pagan. An open minded, free-thinkin' Witch. I celebrate the Earth, I celebrate the seasons, I am loving and kind to myself, to human kind and to Nature. My soul is free and I feel at peace. It is such a wonderful feeling to finally be in that *place* The place where all feels right, where I'm not struggling, where I'm not looking for that one thing that is missing in my life.
This blog is for all things spiritual. For personal entries about my life as well.
I want to share my beliefs without pressure. I never ever try to convert anyone! If you're reading this, it is because YOU want to.
I hope to educate people as well.

~Blessed Be

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