Mid-midlife crisis?  

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So, Z will be 30 on Dec. 29th and I think he's going through the *I'm almost in my 30's, holy shit!* phase.

On the career front, he is taking a huge risk and posting out of his current comfy position, AND was accepted for an interview!

He went out and got a labret piercing. He had one a few years ago and he took it out because it bothered him. Guess he wanted to try it again. He said he got it because I loved when he had one before, so it's for me, LOL.

It's 1:10am and he is on his way home from his work holiday bash. I stayed home with the Witchlets. He doesn't drink so I am thankful for that. I would not have wanted to pick him up because it is sleeting so bad out right now and it has been for the last, ohh, 3 hours =/

The man is NOT a social person at all. He must be going through something...


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