One More or No More?  

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I'm at *that* age where I am beginning to wonder if my baby making days are over.
I used to think I wanted 6 kids! Then, it was 4. I have 3 and so I am contemplating one more.
Actually, until very recently, I would have said I definitely want another. However, since losing weight and finally feeling like I have my body back, I actually started to lean towards not wanting anymore children. I am done nursing and Wy-man is 15 months old and becoming more and more self sufficient every day. I think I'd just like to enjoy my family.
Then again, it's so tough to say no more. Z says he definitely doesn't want anymore children but if it happens, it'll be fine. That being said, this is the man who refuses to look into getting a vasectomy and well, we aren't exactly careful when we're together, if ya know what I mean!

Hmmm, just something I've been pondering lately.

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