Feeling overwhelmed  

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I always feel overwhelmed come Spring time. I get in this cleaning mode and I begin to feel, I guess the word is suffocated, in this house.
I HATE clutter. I practically have to talk myself out of hyperventilating when I am in my mom's house. She has so many *nick knacks* and all kinds of other junk in her house.
In this house, it's the closets. There are 3 walk in closets in our upstairs, none in the bedrooms, and one in our downstairs. I don't know HOW it happens, but it accumulates toys and clothes over the winter months.
Oh and the TOYS. UGH....A trip to Goodwill is definitely in the plans.

We've decided not to start any new project until we get back from vacation. We leave in about a month and there's so much to do with planning that, I need to really focus on it.

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