Oh, the conversations...  

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So, I'm sitting here doing my thing while the Witchlets are having a snack and overhear this conversation between Olivia and Dante:

O: Excuse me
O: Excuse me,Dante, I farted
D: You fart?
O: Yea, excuse me
D: You fart on me?!
O: No, I farted on the floor!
D: Ewww, you fart on da foor?
O: Yes, Dante *giggle* I farted on the floor!
D: Oh. (long pause) Okay. Dat digusting, Yada

Yes, Dante calls Olivia *Yada* and I have no clue why. Oh, I am sure I'll have more conversations to share, LOL

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Too funny!

April 14, 2008 at 2:17 PM

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