Ahhh, no more nights alone!  

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Zyon starts day shift tomorrow. For the last 2 months he was on a middle shift (2:30 pm to 1:30 am) and at first, I hated it. He didn't mind but I did. Then, I began getting used to it and I was really loving my alone/quiet time in the evenings when he kids were in bed. That got old quickly though.

I got bored. When I am bored, I eat. I'd sit at the computer at night and surf the net and eat. I found myself *hungry* at 11 pm when before, I'd be sleeping at that time of night! I tried to go to bed but I just tossed and turned. I think it was because I knew he'd be home soon and I just never slept well until he was home.

Not to mention the fact that when he'd get home, he was having his second wind, so to speak and he was usually hungry. He'd eat and I'd sometimes eat. Like on the nights when he'd come home with food from McDonald's or soda and chips/Doritos.

All the exercising and careful eating throughout the day I did went right out the window. That tends to happen when you eat a Big Mac at 2 am! *ICK*

It was bad! I thought it'd actually be better since we were eating our big meal at lunch time. Always best to eat the larger portion meal earlier in the day, right? Sure, but I was picking the rest of the night and the choices I was making were BAD!

Now, he'll be working 7 am to 3:30 pm. We can have dinner at a normal time and be in bed by 10-11 pm instead of eating Big Macs!

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