Exercise Update  

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I am slowly getting back in the swing of things, exercise wise. It's going to get a bit tougher though now because Olivia is done with school. This means I don't have to take her to the YMCA anymore 3 days a week, which is where the gym is!
I work out with my neighbor, Shannon, so she is going to have to help me and keep me motivated!

I am also looking to get an education online so between school work and exercise, I shouldn't have time to think about food!

Zyon bought us a stationary bike which is in our bedroom. I am happy to report that since we got it, on Wednesday, we've BOTH utilized it every day! I do about 45 minutes while the kids nap in the afternoon after lunch and he uses it when he gets home from work while I am starting dinner. It's a perfect routine. Hopefully that will help us both.

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