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Over this past year I've lost friends to death. My ex-husband's best friend, Dave, died in a horrible auto accident in May 2007, Memorial Day weekend. He was driving Jeff's truck and that was totaled. Then, in July 2007, my friend Rachael took her own life. Gunshot to the head. I feel somewhat to blame for that because she had been crying suicide for a long time and I tried to help her. I did all I could but apparently I didn't do enough.

Now, my friend Nicole has to bury her fiance today. Unfortunately I can't be at the funeral but I am there in spirit. She is due with a baby boy in August. She lives near me and I have offered my help and support to her and if she asks I'll do all I can to be there for her.

Life really is so short. People take things for granted all the time. Don't. Never do that.

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