How to Remove Carpet Odors - Safely  

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There is nothing worse than having a smelly room because of a soiled carpet. Whether the smell is caused by stale dust and debris, lack of air circulation or by pets relieving themselves on your carpet, taking the smell out will be a priority.

In this house it's just dog odor. Hey, I bathe him regularly but let's face it, he's a dog!

To get rid of carpet odor, try the baking soda treatment.

Baking soda is very efficient in taking out bad smells completely. First let's clear up one myth. Baking soda does not “absorb” smell. In truth, it cleans up the area where the smell originated and stops it from getting in the air.

First vacuum the carpet to remove any visible dirt. Then sprinkle the baking soda on the area in question or over the entire carpet, whichever you feel needs it. Let the baking soda sit for several hours.
Once you feel it's been long enough, sweep over the carpet with a hard-edged broom to get most of the baking soda off. After you do that, then use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the remaining particles. Make sure you don’t vacuum before sweeping, or you might damage your vacuum cleaner, as it will suck up huge amounts of baking soda.

In case any baking soda got stuck on the fibers, you can use a scrub to take off these particles, freeing the carpet. If you didn’t manage to get the odor out with the above technique, try it again.

Some people suggest using vinegar or dish soap. Vinegar is acidic in nature, so it will burn the particles that were harder to remove. Dish soap can give your carpet a fresh, clean smell, although alone, it won’t clean the old odor up, it will just replace it temporarily.

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