When They Were Babies  

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This time of year I find myself reflecting back on the year's events, 'walking down Memory Lane' if you will. I know most people find themselves doing this in December but for me, it's always been October.

This year went so fast. Olivia started Kindergarten, Dante AND Wyatt began potty training. When Zyon and I went shopping for Fall/Winter clothing for the Witchlets, I found myself veering towards the baby clothes and then had to redirect myself. They aren't babies anymore. It's a bittersweet feeling, actually.

I miss the baby stage though. I know, I've been told I am crazy but hey, it's the truth. Kids' clothing are cool but it was always so much fun buying clothes for 'the baby'

I have been giving Wyatt's clothes to a friend of mine, her son is a year younger than Wyatt so it's a perfect hand down. I almost held on to them all, just 'in case' but I figure, if I do get pregnant again, I'll just enjoy my last time of getting to shop for a baby - of my own!

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