Caylee Anthony Found?  

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Thursday Dec.
11, 2008

12:07 PM ET - A shocking turn of events today as skeletal remains described as being those of a small child were found very close to the Anthony family home.
A meter reader found the remains at about 9:30am this morning in an area less than a half mile from the home. Early reports indicate the worker picked up a bag found at the site and a skull fell out of the bag. The FBI and Orange County authorities are on the scene and are taking time processing the remains due to poor weather conditions.
Investigators say George and Cindy Anthony have been notified, and a corrections officer told Tot Mom Casey Anthony at the Orange County Jail.
(From Matthew Zarrell, Nancy Grace Associate Producer)

helpfindcaylee. com

How sad - this poor poor little girl. I would bet Casey tried to sedate Caylee, as has been reported - Casey was found to have looked up how to make chloroform. She probably over sedated that poor baby and thus a death resulted.

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I cried so much. I didn't want to think she was really gone. Her Mother apparently made everyone think she was working for years. You can only think. Where did she get the money.

That poor poor baby will have a better next life.

January 5, 2009 at 9:56 PM

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