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Dressing babies and kids is fun because you can get creative by mixing and matching outfits. When my daughter had her Wiccaning, I searched high and low for the right outfit. I did not want a traditional gown (the kind used for baptisms)--I actually wound up ordering a beautiful dress online.

There are so many reasons to choose the right outfit for certain occasions. Often times these baby clothes become keepsakes. I know I will be giving Olivia her Wiccaning gown to her when she is older.

A friend of mine is planning a Wiccaning for her twins (boy and girl) in early November. She is in the United Kingdom and unfortunately, the site I got Livi's baby clothes from does not ship internationally. I decided to dig around online for sites in the UK and came across Very.co.uk and I think this site would be perfect for her to find exactly what she needs.

Her children are toddler age. Buying for boys, I think, is pretty easy, thee really isn't too much to choose from, outside of casual or dressy. However, with girls, wow, you can go all out!  There were always cute clothes to pick from when Olivia was a baby/toddler but now, the fashion has gotten so unique.

So browsing this Very site, I came across a little girl's outfit that I find absolutely adorable. It is a pretty layered velvet skirt in deep purple, with a cute flower embellishment. There is also a long sleeved embroidered jersey top and a knitted pink cardigan with more flower embellishment and embroidery:

I wish I had a baby girl to buy for now! I love the boots on this  little girl. To me, they absolutely make the outfit! Kind of reminds me of the olden days when those kinds of boots were all girls wore.

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