First Sabbat Assignment  

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I gave Olivia her first Sabbat assignment. By Full Moon this month she needs to read about Imbolc and then write doewn, in her own words, what Imbolc is, colors and animals associated with it and then pick one craft and one recipe for us to make.

Every night she read before bed. She uses a flashlight or lantern light to read by. I told her I really wanted to get something to give her better lighting to read by but she like getting cozy in her bed and using what she uses.

Can't wait to she what she writes and to see what craft and recipe she picks!

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Awesome Assignment. I think that is good for any level of Pagan. ;) For the more advance Pagan, may someone could find lore you didn't know about before, perhaps even retell the story in your own words, like they did in Circle Round by Starhawk, Diane Baker & Anne Hill. 8-) In fact I should do something similar for myself, however with as many pots on the stove that I have, I need to remind my self, one thing at a time. But I do like giving the Full Moon deadline, which keeps us aware of the Esbats. Thank you. :-D

January 17, 2011 at 10:11 AM

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