Witches are Sexy  

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I have to take a moment to address the idea that Witches are sexy and it's 'hot' to 'be with' a Witch. Has anyone else heard this? I think simply has to do with the whole preconceived notion of what or who a Witch is.

However, with this in mind I thought, "why is the whole Witches are sexy idea bad?" Witch or not, I love to feel and therefore be sexy! This put me on a mission to find sexy yet comfortable women's underwear and even some lingerie.

I do a lot of Internet surfing and to my surprise, I found an excellent site that has just what I am looking for. K&Co definitely has all sorts of underwear, bras, and lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes.

Personally, I am drawn to this one, the Masquerade:

The masquerade covers a boudoir chic and double layer sensual look. Re-introduced in a new fashion colour way, black with pistachio. Two layered French lace embellished with velvet straps and beading detail, are only some of many features that make this range so appealing!

Then I saw this bra and panty set; since I still have a baby pooch, this type of underwear is perfect!

Just wanted to pass on the website I mentioned and also thought the whole "Witches are sexy" idea would be good for discussion. What do you think, have you come across this before?

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