Traveling to Disney Again Soon!  

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Our next Disney vacation is in June! I cannot wait! We are driving down again. We're taking our Honda Pilot.

I wanted to rent/by and RV - seriously, I did! LOL, but CJ squashed that idea because that meant we'd have to make sure we know of a decent place for rv repair to depend on if, Gods forbid, something would happen.

By the way, I still have the blog 'Disney Vacation Trip Reports' to document this trip and still finishing up the trip report from our October trip.
In addition to the new blog, I also created a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account as well!

So now, when we're on vacation I will be posting real time updates to the new blog which will in turn post to the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter! Once we're back, I'll have wonderful documentation of our trip and will be able to write up a nice trip report without missing anything!

I hope you'll subscribe to the new blog and become a fan/follower!

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