Creating My Dream Kitchen!  

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Guest post written by Stacy Dunst

Every time I would go to my aunt and uncle's house while I was a little girl, I would also look at the kitchen and think about how great it was! It was always my favorite part of the house, by far, and now that I have the kitchen palette, I can try and recreate my dream version of it in my own home. Of course, there are things that I remember about that kitchen that sticks out in my mind, like the huge island that she had and the pots and pans that they had hanging up everywhere. Something about that just made it seem like something out of what I imagined a restaurant would be like.

Well, I've done so much research on it, so I know what's out there to use of the remodeling and decided on the website They had a selection of stuff and had just what I wanted.
Plus, being able to do this on a budget means that I can stretch it and make it go that much farther for the remodeling.

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