My Son, the Bookworm  

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Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

My son is a bookworm, and does really well in school. As parents, my husband and I try to give him all the resources he needs to excel. It can be hard on us since neither of us ever went to college or did extremely well in school. Usually we don’t know all of the right things to do, and he needs to tell us what he needs. We want him to have the same opportunities all of his friends at school have even though we never got them.

My son started asking us for clear wireless internet a few months ago. After some serious contemplation and budgeting analysis, we decided that we could afford it and got it for him. I didn’t think it would make such a huge difference in his life since he always had internet access at school. He is so happy since we got the wireless internet connected that he is behaving like an angel and doing every single chore we ask him to.

This is huge for the parents of teenagers! I guess we did the right thing in waiting to connect the internet, because now our son really appreciates it.

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