No Toys at All This Year  

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The boys have destroyed just about every toy they have ever gotten for Yule already! CJ and I are so upset by this so we said no more toys this year - for birthdays at least, as well as no toys as random gifts throughout the year. We told them we would either make their gifts (favorite food, etc) or they will get clothes!

Now they want to do the same thing for everyone in the family, LOL. Every year for birthdays my uncle gets cigars, usually the Swisher Sweets brand, my mom gets flowers, my aunt gets clothes of some sort, my mom's boyfriend gets a gift card to Best Buy and my grandma gets candy - this is 'usually' sometimes it varies but not often.

Now we need to think outside the box and make birthday gifts for people. The first one on the list is my mom's boyfriend, Frank - his birthday is in April. This is going to be tough!

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