Gathering My Thoughts and Letting Go  

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I've always had a difficult time letting go - even with the aid of magick, some people/situations continue to haunt me. I recently came upon R.A. Leslie, a renowned motivational speaker and life-coach and the author of the enlightening fairy tale,  “Do You Know The Sound of Throwing Stars Far?,” and the thought provoking romance,  “Chasing Rainbows”.

I've subscribed to her blog, Contemplate This and I've already had many life altering thought processes - for the better. Just her random quotes make me 'contemplate' LOL - I love this one:

"We are all dreaming. When we dream it while we are Awake, that is when it will come true!"
I absolutely love her! I did get her book "Chasing Rainbows" and read it in it's entirety, in one day! Now, this book is more of a romance as she also offers relationship coaching, in person or via the phone.

"Chasing Rainbows presents its readers with a meditative memoir-fairy tale romance in letters, through fiction and non-fiction narratives. The timeless theme offers lessons on how to use the gift of change as a way to live authentically, thus honoring the wisdom in our true selves. When we are honest with ourselves, our minds open to the innocence of our hearts and life becomes more alive."

Right now she is giving this book away. If you're interested, enter the giveaway :) Fill out the form below:
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