Relaxing Herbal Bath Soak  

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I found a good bath soak recipe online yesterday, Flower & Milk Bath with Wild Chamomile, Bergamot & Cardamom. I have yet to make it, but it's on my to-do list!

It seems really simple to make:
  1. 10 grams dried rose petals
  2. 20 grams dried chamomile flowers
  3.  20 grams dried lavender buds
  4. 20 grams dried elder flowers
Stir well to combine all the flowers. Then add these essential oils:
  1. 30 drops of wild chamomile
  2. 20 drops of cardamom
  3. 15 drops of bergamot
Mix well.  *Works best if you gently stir flowers after every 10 drops of essential oil.

  • Stir in 40 grams of powdered milk
  • Transfer to a glass jar of your choice. 
  • Make sure to label your jar and keep the lid on at all times to keep the moisture out.

Here is the link to the full tutorial:

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