Bennigan's - awful service!  

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Bennigan's has always been a favorite eating spot for Zyon and I, so last night, since it was date night, we decided to grab a bite to eat there.
Olivia was with Jeff (her dad, my ex-husband) for the weekend and my grandmother watched the boys for us while we went out. We don't like to be gone more than 4 hours or so when she has the boys. They are a handful for us, let alone my 83 year old grandma!
We got there close to 5pm and were seated right away. We didn't order any appetizers, however, I did order a drink, an appletini of course and a glass of water.
We ordered our meals after we got our drinks. My meal came with a salad. After about 20 minutes or so of waiting, still no water, still no salad, we began to wonder WTH was going on? Our waiter was no where to be found.
Then he came over to us, about 10 minutes later and said our food would be out shortly. I ordered another drink, by this time I didn't even want the water anymore.
The waiter left so quickly, I didn't get a chance to ask where my salad was. As 6pm approached, almost an HOUR from the time we ordered, Zyon decided it was time to talk to a manager. He found another waiter and asked him to get a manager.
Within seconds of this, our waiter comes to our table with my salad, following him was a young lady with our meals. The waiter says to Zyon, now, I hope you're ready for this...

"Dude, I forgot to put your order in, sorry"

DUDE? Whoa...excuse me?
Zyon said, "an HOUR? It took an HOUR for this?" pointing to my salad.

At that moment the manager appeared and Zy told her what had happened. She apologized, really, that was all. No free food, free drinks, gift card for another visit even, just an apology.
Zy said he didn't want the food, we were leaving. She offered to pack the food up for us to take home. He told her no, he knows what can happen to food when it gets packed up, after an incident like this. She offered to pack it up personally, but he told her no, we would give our money to someplace else. She said she understood and he told her we were leaving and he refused to pay for our drinks, she didn't give us any grief about that.

So, we left and I got 2 free appletinis out of the deal.
What an awful experience though~

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