Been Dying Over Here  

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This house should be quarantined! It started with Olivia last Tuesday, a viral infection. Fever, cough. Then, Thursday, Dante gets fever, vomiting. Then Friday I get fever, chills, headache, chest/sinus pressure, cough.
Olivia went with Jeff that weekend but by then she was feeling better. Dante seemed better too.
Saturday morning I felt so bad I actually took myself to the ER.
They did an EKG because my heart was racing, but it came back normal. They gave me IV fluids and some pain meds. They took chest x rays, no pneumonia. I had a fever of 103. They gave me a breathing treatment.
They diagnosed and treated me for acute fever, acute viral infection and bronchitis.I still feel like complete and utter crap. My throat hurts from coughing. My chest hurts, even using the inhaler they sent home with me. My ears hurt. I feel sick to my stomach and even threw up once.
Yesterday Dante and Wyatt started with fevers and they still have them today. They woke up at 10am, came down, ate a waffle and by noon went back to bed and are still sleeping.
I have ZERO energy.
Is this thing ever going to end??????!!! WAaaaaaa

Saturday was Olivia's 5th birthday party, held at Jeff's and I missed it =/

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I'm sorry you feel so crappy and I hope you get better soon!

April 1, 2008 at 10:59 PM

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