I Miss Him More, But...  

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With Zyon on this new shift, he leaves at 2pm and doesn't get home until close to 2am, but it's only 4 days a week. I am starting to get used to being home in the evenings without him but it's been a huge adjustment.
I have always looked forward to him coming home from work but more so now that he's on this shift. I think it's because when he gets home, it's quiet and it's him and me. There's no chaos, no screaming kids, no dog acting crazy. Plus, I know that after a few minutes we'll be going to bed together and I enjoy being snuggled up to him or him cuddling up against me. Sex is just a plus!

To The Man:
I really love you, Zyon. I mean, really love you, absolutely unconditionally. I am so happy you came into my life. Thank you for all you've done for me, for us and for our family.

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