A Night Out!  

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I am so excited! Zyon and I are going to see Soilwork AND Throwdown tonight!
A night out!!! I mean, this is not dinner and maybe some shopping. This is like it used to be, a kick ass show and coming home late.

It's been so long since he and I actually went out like this. I think the last time was well over a year and a half ago. It's nights like these that brought us close. These are the things we have in common and after becoming parents it seemed as if we kind of grew apart in some respect. He'd still go to a show once in a while and I'd stay home with the witchlets. Not anymore! I bribed my mom into coming over tonight , LOL

Here's to an excellent night!

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Just wondering how your night out went? Hope you both had a good time!

March 15, 2008 at 7:52 PM

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