Like a teenager again!  

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That's how I felt on Friday night. I thought I'd give an update on the evening's events since my friend, Shawn (who has a great blog, by the way) asked how things went.
The first band that went on was Seduce the Machine and well, I have to say, they were AWFUL! Eeegads!
I was impressed with War of Ages, they really knew how to work the crowd!
The band *I* was really looking forward to seeing, was Soilwork and I was actually a bit disappointed in their performance. Personally, I think they got shown up by War of Ages!
Throwdown was the headliner and they kicked ass, as expected!
Zyon and I were in the front row and not 5 feet behind us was the mosh pit but we didn't get too beat up, LOL.
It was a great night. I used to think I was *too old* for that stuff but now I know I am not! Can't wait to see another show!

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