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I suppose I'll try to give this blog some direction. It's the most personal blog out of all the blogs I have.
All the blogs? LOL, yep, I have a few!

If you're interested, check them out:

  • The Life of an Unbalanced Libra - This is my *main* blog. Most of the product and service reviews are on this blog. There are some personal entries as well as the blabber about the Walt Disney World trip we'll be taking this May. Most of the ways in which I am earning money to pay for that trip is in this blog.

  • My GPT Money Blog - This deals mainly with *get paid to* sites, the current promotions going on and lots of proof of payments!
So, as you see, my other blogs do have some sort of rhyme or reason, but this one doesn't. It's a mix of talk about my family, my relationship with Zyon, my spirituality and my fetishes.
I've started a poll asking you, my readers, what you'd like to read more about here. Please vote!

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