Up at the crack of dawn!  

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Why is it that no matter what time I put the Witchlets to bed, they are up as soon as sunlight hits?! GAH!
Last night they went to bed later than normal (around 8:15, they're usually in bed between 7:30-8pm) and by ohh, 6:15 this morning, BAM! They're up!
Olivia, who is 5, just gets up and then plays in her room, oh, and peeks in my room a gajillon times to see if I am awake.
Dante and Wyatt share a room and they don't just wake up and chatter. Nope, they scream and giggle and jump up and down in their cribs.
I even turned the monitor off this morning and I could still here them! If I sleep until 7am, that is sleeping in! Coffee is my friend. I love you, coffee.
Oh and, did you know our BRAND NEW 2008 HONDA PILOT WAS HIT?!
Yea, lovely *eye roll*

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