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I would love to have more plants and flowers around the house but I have a few reasons why I don't. First of all, I have a dog and a cat, who seem to love to chew on flowers. Secondly, I have a mother in law who is allergic to several different types of plants and flowers. I don't want her visits to be miserable because of this. She doesn't visit often because she lives in a different state but when she does visit, she stays here for several days.
The solution? I think it's silk plants. It's the perfect solution for my situation anyway! is an excellent source to utilize when looking for really nice looking plants. The trees and plants look so real that it's hard to discern from afar. I also think the silk flowers make a good gift and using them serves the cause of preserving nature! Not only that but using silk plants and flowers means I won't have to worry about bugs in my house since I won't have live plants in it.
This is a great idea and now I can even send my mother in law flowers and not have to worry about her feeling miserable since artificial silk flowers won't affect her allergies!
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