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We leave for our Walt Disney World trip in exactly ONE week! I am so excited! Yesterday Zyon and I did the last minute shopping we needed to get done, buying all the little *extras* that are usually best to have on hand.
My mom and grandma are getting the snacks and water we will need for the trip. I am NOT looking forward to the drive but I'd rather take 2 days and drive than fly with my mom and grandma and 3 kids! With all the luggage I have since I am packing for 5 people, flying would be a nightmare!
The only thing that concerns me are my boys' colds. They've been snotty and coughing for a few days now. I'm sure it's because I've had them in the little daycare while I use the gym at the Y. UGH
I'm going next week but I am asking my grandma to sit with them. I am not taking them back there right before we leave! Hopefully they'll start feeling better.

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