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Kubiando is…..

Kubiando is a Greeting

Should you happen to meet
A friend to greet,
You might exchange "Kubiando"

It's a blessing, we've heard
And a magical word,
Or just a simple "hello"

Like a verbal embrace,
Or a stretch into space,
Reaching arms to the sun…

It is a moment in time,
Like a song or a rhyme,
And meant just to be fun.

When I look in your eyes
And we recognize
there is soul deep connection,

When we take the chance
To join in the dance,
we experience perfection.

When we speak from the heart
And are sad to part
Kubiando sounds just right.

So, say "Kubiando!"
Where ever you go,
Morning, noon and night.

I really wanted to go to the Fairie Festival this weekend but with vacation coming up so quickly it just wasn't possible. Not that it matters since the weather has been icky so far. It probably would have been a pretty miserable time out in the rainy cool weather with 3 small kids.
Last year was a BLAST! Although, there were PROTESTERS there! Reading from bibles and telling us we're going to go to hell. WTF....It really bothered Olivia. She was rather upset by it. It pissed me off. Apparently they were there last year too, I didn't see any though.
A few people were trying to hand them literature on Paganism when they would try and hand them stuff on their religion. The one guy acted like he was going to take a pamphlet from a fellow Pagan, as the guy (Pagan) handed it to him, he let it fall on the ground and then stepped on it. Niiiice. UGH.
Oh well, no excitement for me this year!

I don't give a shit WHAT religion someone is but don't shove it down my throat and don't tell my children they are going to go to hell. You don't see Pagans protesting outside of church functions, do you? I was so annoyed, but I kept my mouth shut.

The thing that really bothered me was that not everyone that goes to the festival is Pagan. I mean, people do go for the Celtic music, the food, the crafts, etc...but I guess they will go to hell too b/c they've participated. *shrugs*

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That's a shame about the protestors. I must say that I am a Christian and I think the festival sounds like fun. Ut oh, that must mean I'm going to hell. You have a good point: other people don't stand in front of church or Christain gatherings and protest. That is really terrible and it's actually the exact opposite of being Christ like.

May 4, 2008 at 3:07 PM

I agree, I was really appalled. Even more angry at how scared my daughter was =/

May 4, 2008 at 3:24 PM

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