Caylee Anthony - Missing 2 year old - Update  

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Caylee Anthony is still missing and the plot gets stranger and stranger. Titles in many headlines say "Mother does not know where Caylee Anthony is" yet, in reading a news article with this very title, there is a quote, from the grandmother, saying,

"I know Casey knows who has her, but doesn't know where they are at right now," Cindy Anthony said. If released, "maybe she'll take us to her."

Ummm, okay. If your child was missing and you were falsely accused of being a possible party to it and you knew who had her, wouldn't you tell someone, no matter if you're sitting in jail or not?
There is too much bullshit flying around this case. There are so many inconsistencies.

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The end of the video is great, You go Megyn!

I don't know why I have this sick feeling that there was foul play. I don't know, almost as if maybe Casey lost her temper and harmed Caylee, which may have led to her death and now she and her parents are covering it up.
(Just my gut feeling....I don't know anything about this first hand.)

I just don't understand that IF Casey knows where Caylee is why isn't she disclosing it? Maybe this is a huge ploy to get money and sympathy? Maybe Caylee is with someone the family knows and this was no kidnapping at all? Maybe these people are just looking to be in the spotlight? I don't know, I just know that this is bordering on insane.

Things just don't add up.

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