How To Organically Clean Your Cutting Board  

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Wooden cutting boards are popular to have in the kitchen.  Wood is porous, therefore it absorbs the color, odor and the bacteria of the foods cut on the board. Cleaning the cutting board is a must but using chemicals is not good for you or the cutting board.

Here are some simple steps to follow to get your wooden cutting board clean:

You will need

* 1/2 Cup Salt
* 2 Lemons
* Bowl of hot water
* Sponge
* Towel

Step 1:
Take a handful of salt and sprinkle it onto the board. Since salt is a natural disinfectant, it will absorb the color, flavor and odors on your board.

Step 2:
Use the sponge and rub hot water over the salt. You can continue to sprinkle in the salt and use the sponge as a natural abrasive until all the stains and odors are gone.

Step 3:
Wipe off the salt and water with a towel.

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