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I know many of my readers are pretty crafty! Many do beautiful bead work. If you do, or if you're thinking of trying it, have you ever heard of Beads of Cambay? They have beautiful wholesale beads available. In fact, they are one of the top wholesale bead suppliers. They offer discounts of up to 30% on a wide range of “high quality” gemstone beads and freshwater pearls.

I am starting to get a bit creative lately - I mean, heck I made a really pretty Mabon wreath! Making my own jewelry is something I am actually considering. My biggest problem was knowing where to find wholesale gemstone beads for this little business venture I am considering. This is all new to me so I pretty much just scan the internet for deals. Then I found Beads of Cambay and I must say, I am impressed with all the different gemstones they have.

I just may give this a go, start out small and see what comes of it. If anything I will be making my own jewelry and what a better way to get exactly what you want than to do it yourself!

Updated Edit:
No way in hell will I buy from this company - nice beads or not! Here Is why

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