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Now that my Witchlets are getting older, they are beginning to get picky about what they eat. It's frustrating to me - especially when I did some research and found that most of the foods they love and want to eat are bad for them! Yes, some of the food is a no brainer - but what do you do with a picky eater?

1) Fruits And Vegetables

Conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables, that is. They’re sprayed with pesticides, which can build up in little bodies. One study showed kids who ate conventional produce had pesticide levels inside their bodies that were six times higher than kids who ate organic produce.

2) Obesity In A Bottle

Bottled water is the biggest-selling beverage there is. So why aren’t kids drinking it? Somewhere, we got the idea that kids can’t drink anything unless it’s sweet. Soda, punch and convenient foil beverage packs contain colored sugar water and not much more. A little added fruit juice doesn’t make it healthful. Even real juice should be served sparingly. It’s full of vitamins – and sugar.

3) Cute Crackers

They’re handy. You can leave them in your trunk for a year and they still taste fine. They come in fun shapes. But crackers are nutritional wolves in circus animal clothing. Look at the label. Even graham crackers – often considered a nutritious snack – are made of sugar, enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup and salt. Try giving your kids a slice of whole wheat bread. They’ll think it’s weird at first, but it’s satisfying. They’ll probably learn to like it.

4) Breakfast Candy

Jelly-filled toaster pastries, fast-food French toast sticks and sugar-coated cartoon cereal aren’t breakfast. They’re dessert at 7 a.m. Pick a healthful cereal instead, one that’s low in added sugar and sodium. Even if you add a little sugar on top, your kids are far better off than they are eating candy disguised as a morning meal.

5) Nutrition-free Nuggets

We hear “chicken” and we think it must be better than a burger. Not necessarily so. Anything that’s breaded and deep-fried is full of fat. It’s worse when you dip it in sugary, salty sauce, and a side of fries makes it a nutritional disaster. These foods are often served by fast food restaurants, so a nutritious alternative is not on the menu.

6) Macaroni And Cheese

Empty carbs and fat might be a more accurate name for this kids’ favorite. It’s high in salt and artificial ingredients. If your kids love pasta, seasoned noodles with a touch of milk or olive oil might be a better way to go. Spaghetti with a little marinara sauce is also a good choice.

7) No No Nachos

Tortilla chips are comprised of fat, empty carbs and salt. Somebody decided adding a gooey glump of fatty fake cheese sauce was the solution. Nachos are bad for your kids, but they’re profitable for the snack bars and movie theatres that sell them. These places offer no healthful alternatives, but if you’re at home, a chicken soft taco may be the answer. Fresh mild salsa gives it kick without calories.

8) Cereal Bars

They’re advertised as a healthful breakfast on the go, no milk necessary. But these bars – sometimes ironically called nutrition bars – often contain a lot of sugar, trans fat and saturated fat. Stick to whole grain, low sugar cereal – even if the kids eat it right out of the box.

9) Lunch In A Box

With names like Lunchables, they sound tasty, even cuddly. These super-convenient boxes often boast that they’re a great source of protein. A source, yes. A good source, no. With that protein comes very high sodium. The boxes also contain built-in desserts like cookies and candy bars. Kids love them. But since you love your kids, you may want to take the time to pack a better lunch yourself.

10) Birthday Food

Kids parties have become junk food blow-outs with balloons. It doesn’t have to be that way. Grilled chicken with corn on the cob is sold by take-out restaurant chains these days. You can also do it yourself barbeque style. Grilled skewers with fish, chicken or even beef mixed in with vegetables and mushrooms are colorful, fun food.


So help me out here because I sure want healthy happy Witchlets. Give me some yummy but nutritional food ideas!

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