One Week of School Done!  

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Olivia has been through her first week of all day Kindergarten and well, it's been a real major adjustment for her, to say the least. Every day her teacher sends home a paper with a note about behavior. Green light - the child was good, yellow light - the child was not so good but listened when corrected, red light - the child was not good and didn't listen when corrected and will miss recess the next day and then there's the purple light - child was not good at all and had to visit the Principal! Livi came home with a red light and a yellow light already!!!

I spoke to her teacher on the phone and we got it all figured out. Seems to be happening in the afternoon time - when she is tired and it's hard for her to focus. As we were talking about my child, the teacher reminded me that I was supposed to label Olivia's things and I never did! Whoops! Mom's in trouble too! I remembered seeing a site with this awesome label maker, Color labels even, so I went to check it out again.

How could I forget something so important? I remember being a kid in school and my mom had to write my name on everything - eventually my name would somehow wear off and then I'd lose things. I actually remember the cool lunchbox I had - it was a Gem lunchbox, lol. Somehow the name rubbed off and I swear another little girl, with the same lunchbox wound up with mine and I got hers. No big deal if they were the same, right? Wrong! I wanted MINE! She wouldn't trade.

This site is for the DYMO label maker. Once I re-visited it ( I was glad I did because it's set up so easily and it reminded me of all the things I need to make labels for. From lunch time things such as lunchboxes, to her art shirt, to her book bag! I can't believe I forgot to do this!

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