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The Goddess of Reason

Celebration of the Goddess of Reason (France)

Themes: Logic; Reasoning; Learning; the Conscious Mind

Symbols: A crown of Oak Leaves (representing the seat of the divine)

About the Goddess of Reason: While this lady had no other specific designation other than the Goddess of Reason, she dispenses the power of knowledge to those who seek her. The French honored this goddess with celebrations at Notre Dame, the world’s most acclaimed center of scholarship. Traditionally, the woman depicting her wore a blue robe and red cap, then was crowned in laurel at the end of a processional.

To Do Today: To improve conscious awareness and logical abilities, tuck a bay leaf in your shoe today so the Goddess of Reason walks with you.
Or, wear any garment with predominantly blue or red coloring to invoke her powers through color therapy!

Today is an excellent day to take up any course of study you’ve been considering. Burn incense blended from dried sage (for wisdom), rosemary (for memory improvement), and mint (for alertness). If possible, pre-prepare the incense at noon to accent conscious awareness and the rational self.
Move your study tools through the smoke of the incense, saying:

“Goddess of Reason, see my desire.

Ignite in me knowledge’s fire!”

Finally, wax an oak leaf (press it in waxed paper with an iron) and keep it in a book that you’re studying. This keeps reason with you while you read.

(c) 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco - Copyright 1998
Courtesy of www. myspace. com/pagansofmyspace

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