Goddess of the Day - November 11th  

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Lunantishees (Ireland)

Themes: Fairies; Nature; Devotion; Relationships

Symbols: All Fairy Plants; Silver; Dew

About Oonagh: This ancient Irish Queen of the Fairies is also a potent goddess of magic. In Irish legends, Oonagh is a faithful wife and the most beautiful of the goddesses, having long, silky hair and a robe of sliver and dew. Today she brings the fey into our lives to remind us of the unseen worlds and to awaken the child within each of us that dares to dream and wish.

To Do Today: Sometime in November, the people of ancient Ireland celebrated a day for the “wee folk” - a time to revel in fairy folklore and superstition. We can honor Oonagh and her children by following suit. Today wear green, which is a favorite fairly color. Don some pleasant-sounding bells that tinkle lightly when you walk. Fairies love this sound. Or, carry a staurolite stone, also known as the fairy cross. This stone not only brings luck but also helps in controlling elemental beings such as the fey.

To see fairies today, find a four-leafed clover and lay seven kernels of grain beneath it. Or go to an area where oak, ash, and thorn trees grow together. This is said to be sacred ground for both the fey and Oonagh.

If you’re concerned about fairy mischief, wear red for protection. Or, carry some flint as the Irish did to keep fairies at arm’s length.

(c) 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco - Copyright 1998
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