A Nice Lughnasadh  

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Well, I didn't do anything to exciting for Lunasadh, yet I did something very important to me - I spent time with my family. I only wish Olivia was with us. She was at Jeff's (her dad) for the weekend.

CJ and I took the boys out for the day. First we picked up some yummy sandwiches made with honey wheat bread (yay for Lammas!) and then we headed to a local park. It's really beautiful at this park - I happened to have forgotten the camera in the car so I only got 2 photos using my phone.

Eating in a pavilion by a waterfall:

Watching a mama duck with her babies:

It was nice to spend the day relaxing and enjoying my family. It was such a gorgeous day out, we couldn't have asked for better weather! After the park, we took the boys to a playground so they could play for a while, then we headed to Rita's Ice for a treat!

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