I Must Be Cursed  

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No Samhain for us. Seriously, I must be cursed! We missed Mabon because we were all sick and well, guess what? Yup, sick again.

It started on Monday, Olivia - headache, chills, fever, etc. Pediatrician said bronchitis and gave her antibiotics. Tuesday night Jeff (the ex) said he had the chills and a fever of 102. Olivia was with Jeff over the weekend.

By Wednesday morning I had it and I went to the doctor. Fever of 102.5, aches, chills, dry cough, runny nose, headache and I was sooo tired. Diagnosed me with the flu - no test, just based on symptoms. Gave me a script for Tamaflu and azithromycin, in case I get a secondary infection, like bronchitis. He wrote CJ a script too, just in case.

Olivia was better by Thursday and so she returned to school. I started feeling better by Thursday evening. About 4 this morning Dante woke up and complained of a headache. I got him settled and went back to sleep. By 6 am he was up again complaining and then vomited. Took his temp it was 102.7! Gave him Motrin, took Wyatt's temp, 101. UGH

The boys have had a fever all day. Wyatt had some cereal and a lollipop (hey, at least he ate!) Dante puked about 3 times. He ate a piece of toast, then vomited but almost 2 hours later. He said his headache made him throw up. The pediatrician prescribed Zofan for he nausea and Tamaflu. He said if he continues to vomit I need to get him to the ER. Since taking the Zofan, at about 5pm or so, he hasn't vomited but he hasn't eaten either. He's been drinking Ginge Ale.

Needless to say, there is o way the boys are going trick or treating :[ I may take Olivia out tomorrow night though. My poor litle Witchlets.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. :(
I hope you're all feeling better now.


November 2, 2009 at 9:43 PM
Witchy Mama  

Thanks - it sucked! :(

Recent blog:=- Trick or Treat

November 3, 2009 at 8:30 PM

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