Imbolc - February 2  

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Imbolc is the time when things stir beneath the surface. It is the time of infinite possibilities for the new cycle of life and creativity; when energies are still gathering in the astral, preparing to manifest.

This Sabbat reveres Brigid, the traditional patroness of healing, poetry and smithcraft. As a solar deity Her attributes are light, inspiration and all skills associated with fire. Although She might not be identified with the physical Sun, She is certainly the benefactress of inner healing and vital energy. Brigid is also the Goddess of physicians and healing, divination and prophecy. One of Her most ancient names is Breo-saighead meaning fiery arrow, and within that name is the attribute of punishment and divine justice.

Decorate your altar in red and white; use red and white candles and roses. Write a poem. Place some earth in a small planter pot  and add seeds to it. Let each seed represent something you wish to manifest. Honor nature and these seedlings.

Take a glass bowl filled with clean water and a few small, clear crystals. Name each crystal for something in your life that needs to be healed and drop them into the bowl. As eash healing occurs, remove that crystal.When the bowl is empty, pour away the water.

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I don't know why...but for me, red just doesn't fit with Imbolc.
I think of the pale yellow of the sun, the faint greens of barely there plants, the browns of the earth....

My Imbolc was WONDERFUL. I hope yours was as well.

February 9, 2010 at 8:43 PM

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