January Full Moon - Cold Moon  

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This month's Full Moon comes Saturday, January 30th. January's Moon is commonly known as the Cold Moon or Wolf Moon. Fierce northern air howls down to strip the heat from the world.

January is the peak of Winter (for the northern hemisphere) and the nights are long and dark. The weather is harsh and cold.

This will be biggest full moon of 2010 and it'll appear with a bright sidekick: Mars will cozy up just to the left of the super size moon! The last time the Moon was this close was in December 2008. The Moon will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent larger than any other full moon this year, because our cosmic neighbor will actually be closer to Earth than usual.

Even though Imbolc is just around the corner and we should soon see signs of Spring, January is still one of the harshest months, but once we get through January, it should be smooth sailing! (I hope!)

  • Colors: Black and white, silver
  • Gemstones: Hematite
  • Trees: Birch, Hazel
  • Gods: Inanna, Freyja
  • Herbs: Thistle, nuts and seeds, marjoram
  • Element:Air
Use this time wisely by working with it's quiet, introspective energy. Work on magic related to protection, both physical and spiritual. Use this time to develop your inner self, and advance spiritually, becoming closer to the higher aspects of your deities.

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We've had snow storm after snow storm in February. Definitely not smooth sailing here. LOL

February 9, 2010 at 7:33 PM

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