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I am the Great Grandmother of all beauty and life,
Aged by universal knowledge to see love beyond strife.
So children of youth please consider from your heart,
Those of aged understanding will someday depart.
Listen to their stories of times long ago,
Learn from the words of your past as they’re told.
Youth is your gift only given by means of loan,
Be wise to remember the truth you are shown.
Honor those of aged wisdom and the truth in their words,
For once they are gone never again shall they be heard.
Blessed are the wise ones and the stories they tell,
The stories of their hearts, memories of your heritage as well.

Lady Abigail
Copyright © 05272010

"Sometimes I see how people treat those of age and it saddens my heart. Let us remember; there but for a few years shall we be. Honor those of age, Blessed be."
Lady Abigail

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