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Do you wear a ritual robe? If you do, where did you get it? Was it handmade? Did you order online? Go to a local Pagan shop?

I'd like to get one, I'm not crafty so I won't be making one. I've thought about ordering online because I am used to buying online, even clothes (I love the rocawear stuff I find online) but it's probably best to try a robe on before buying.

Looking for ideas/suggestions please ;-)

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I'm not sure if you mean robe or cloak. Robes are what I wear under my cloak. As part of a coven, we were asked to make our own robes for initiation.

My first cloak, I made...that was a nightmare. It came out alright, but I didn't do the lining correctly. And it's really hot to wear in the warmer months. My summer cloak, I bought on eBay. =o) So much easier, and cheaper!

My only suggestion would be to ask about the measurement from the back of the neck down to the floor. You're taller than me, so you might have the opposite problem I had. ;) If you were over this side of the pond, I'd hook you up with my friend Pixi. She runs a business called Wicca Woman, selling lots of lovely ritual clothes.

September 4, 2010 at 4:37 PM
Witchy Mama  

Ahh, I didn't even think about the word 'cloak'! I'd love a cloak, yes. Does your friend run an online shop or just out of her home?

September 4, 2010 at 4:48 PM

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