Spring Cleaning  

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Well, it is certainly past 'spring cleaning' time, according to the calendar anyway, but the weather makes it feel like it's still winter. Our heat kicked on yesterday! I am hoping for warmer temps this weekend so I can finally get this pace scrubbed down and re-organized.

For me, disinfecting furniture, keeping rooms free from mold and allergens, etc.... is very important. So important that I did a bit of research on how to really do these things properly. I found a site that offered extremely useful carpet cleaning tips and not only tips but they offer services as well.

In fact, one aspect that drew me in to read and learn more about this company and their cleaning habits was that they service use the most environmentally responsible chemicals available, while still providing a positive cleaning experience. This is a huge deal for many people these days.  By the way, the site is: http://www.thesteamteam.com

So, pretty impressive,  gave me lots to think about. Might be time to have the carpets here cleaned as well! 

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