Back From Walt Disney World  

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I do not want to be back, but alas, I am. We go again in October! I cannot wait! This last trip was good but it was the most expensive! I came home to a pile of bills and not enough money to pay them all! The first thing that came to mind was getting one of those instant payday loans just to get caught up. I had heard of these types of personal loans but never applied for one. Anyone ever do this?

This happened because some unexpected bills arrived - those truly give me grief because I try my best to plan for everything but even having some money aside for the unexpected is sometimes not enough. This happens to be one of those times.

CJ and I both work in an industry where we rely on clients to pay us for our work. Sometimes we do not receive payment on time from certain clients. Actually, not sometimes; how about many times? UGH! I knew this is how it would be when I decided to work for myself. I just did not realize how often I would have to chase people for payment, it is ridiculous!

Anyway, okay, breathe! Today is New Moon! Time for new beginnings! Time to get in a positive mindset and get motivated. July is going to be a busy month with work but at least we will (hopefully) be all caught up on bills.  I will definitely plan better for our next trip so this doesn't ever happen again.

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