Who Needs a Money Spell  

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I recently talked about how much money we spent in Disney and how I thought one of those quick loans would help us quickly get caught up on bills. Well, yes of course, as a Witch, I did ponder the effectiveness of a nice money spell too.

Then I thought about plain old responsibility. It is kind of like losing weight the old fashioned way--a good diet, plenty of exercise, an adequate sleep. To get us out of debt we need to stop daydreaming (and posting on Facebook, lol) and spend more time concentrating on working and making money to actually PAY the bills we have incurred on our last trip.

I think sometimes it becomes too easy to look outside of ourselves, instead, and scramble for any other option to get us out of messes--instead of just taking care of business the way we know, deep down inside, business needs to be handled.

I am personally trying to not only teach my Witchlets accountability and responsibility but I am also trying to get myself to master these things. It is much too easy to place blame elsewhere or look to others for a fix when it is obvious we ourselves can solve our own issues.

So now, we pay off the debt we created during our last Disney trip and work towards saving for the ext trip, which is in 2 months and 26 days! Wen will be spending another 10 days in Walt Disney World and we will be celebrating Samhain there again too!

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