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I spend a lot of time online - not just working but also browsing; looking for the latest fashion trends, the best deals, etc...

For some reason I've been paying attention to maternity wear lately. No, I am not planning for more babies; I just happened to stumble upon a site that had really pretty maternity dresses and I thought "wow, maternity clothes have come such a long way from when I had to wear them!"

One site in particular ( has some lovely free flowing maternity dresses - perfect for feeling comfortable in the summer when it's hot out! So to my pregnant friends, I wanted to pass along this information. I fact, I picked out a few of my favorite maternity dresses:

This one I could see being worn for Lughnasadh. Not sure why, just the vibe I felt as soon as I saw it:

This is a Maxi dress that has adjustable back fabric ties so you can wear this style all through the season!

Now this Maxi dress has adjustable straps so you can alter the fit all the way through your pregnancy.

I loved being pregnant. I was fascinated by the whole idea of another human being growing inside of me and me being solely responsible for the baby's well-being.  Of course, feeling like a Goddess helped too!

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Athena's Glen  

I find all kinds of great witchy clothing online, and the best part is you can actually measure yourself and its made to size! Custom tailoring for the same price as what you get in the store. A shame though, that we can't usually find "culturally appropriate" clothing in our communities. :(

June 15, 2011 at 2:58 PM

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