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Okay, I'm not 'new' but I am trading in the maternity clothes for the Dr. Martens boots and the dark eyeliner. Hey, I'm still a mama but I just want to go back to the "ME" mold!

I got my lip pierced back in June and although it looked nice, after a few weeks I could tell it was clearly not healing well and that is because it was not done properly.

I took it out while I was in Disney actually, and then went without it until last week. I got it re-pierced at a different shop. I went back to the place I had my tongue pierced at. Here it is now:

As if a tongue piercing and a lip piercing aren't enough, I added a tattoo :D This is tattoo number 4, Jack Skellington!

I found the perfect artist (he's done Jack Skellington before) and handed him this:

He did the sketch, as you can see above, and in  no time we he was tattooing me and this is the result:

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This is awesome. I too am in the process of finding *me* again. Love the tatoos! I really want another one, but alas i've got to wait until the huz has his first. :(


July 19, 2011 at 8:15 AM
Witchy Mama  

I apologize, I only saw this comment now :( TY :) I can't wait to get more =-O

August 29, 2011 at 3:23 PM

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