It is Never to Early to Think About Halloween!  

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We are just about one month away from the 2011 annual Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party hosted at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and this year the family has decided to forgo dressing as zombies as the Witchlets plan to have their faces painted like their favorite animal. I feel this is safer, requires less clothing if it’s hot outside and it is actually less money.

I enjoyed dressing as a zombie last year but this year is a bit different. I’d like to find a few sexy Halloween costumes to surprise Zyon this year. Obviously, it’s Disney so it cannot be too extreme but I’d like to find something a bit gothic and dark. The dark imagery of Disney is one of the things I really like about visiting the parks and last year, I saw many people dressed up to suit the time of year. Zombies are cool and we got many comments but they are not Disney gothic.

I really hope I can find something that I like before we have to leave for Florida. Maybe I’ll get two costumes! I know Zyon would like something a little sexier than what I can wear to the park… well maybe a lot sexier!

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