Dante is 'Out'  

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I know it has been a while since I updated and then today things have gotten so crazy I haven't shut up!

I was doing some online retail therapy, immersed in sierra designs products, when I got a call from the guidance counselor for the elementary schools the Witchlets attend. Apparently last week Dante told his teacher that pappy's mom grammy, was sick and in the hospital and we did not get to the hospital in time to see her and he was unable to give her the picture he drew a picture for her so he left it there at the hospital because she will come back to life.

This guidance counselor conveyed to me that she was just concerned because she said she doesn't know what our religious beliefs are, but she wants to make sure that people are not telling my child something that could be against our beliefs - ie, that when people die they come back to life.

I explained that we did in fact get to the hospital on Thursday to see grammy and we also visited with her a the house on Saturday as well and that she did not pass away until early this morning. Of course this news surprised the guidance counselor but I told her Dante loves to exaggerate things.

I told her that what he said about her coming back to life does kind of fall along the lines of our religious beliefs. I explained that we are Pagan not Christian and we do believe in a form of reincarnation. Then, there was dead silence followed by, "Oh I see....."

Guess I just outed my son from the 'Broom Closet'

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